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A Tale of Two Hearts: The X-Factor From the Beginning

Flying Island LLC

By K. C. Jakeman

From the Desert sands of Arabia to the Blue Grass of Kentucky, take a journey with author K.C. Jakeman through the historical and sometimes mysterious stories of the famous people, places and horses who captured the incredible headlines of the sport horse world.

The journey includes new discoveries of the ancestral skeletal differences reflecting 300 years of genetic influence in our most successful modern day performance horses.  Some of our exceptional equine athletes share this little known thread connecting them back to one Arabian ancestor.

Through her own experiences, Jakeman explains how to use this new and powerful technique, weaving X-Factor Pedigree Research into breeding, racing and handicapping winners.  The XPR method consistently identifies our best classic distance winners and performance champions by following the X-Factor pattern of inheritance.  Equine super stars: Justify, Dash for Cash, St. Simon, Bettor's Delight, Easy Jet, American Pharoah, and Secretariat are only a few of the horses which are included in this sequel of the X-Factor chronicles.


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