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A Tale of Two Hearts: The X-Factor From the Beginning

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By K. C. Jakeman


Author & Publisher, K.C. Jakeman began her own X-Factor story in 1997 working alongside Marianna Haun tracing and tracking the X-Factor Pedigree Theory in her own Kentucky broodmare band. Book four, “A Tale of Two Hearts, The X-Factor from the Beginning,” picks up where Turf writer Marianna Haun left off with "Solving the Mystery of Secretariat's Heart." The significant breakthrough in proving the X-Factor Theory came in 2012 when Jakeman asked Haun to write a chapter called “An Artist’s Eye.” Jakeman had been reorganizing chapters for the final layout of the third book and needed a bridge chapter to organize Huan’s thoughts. “It was then we realized the difference between Secretariat’s skeleton and War Admiral’s skeleton,” says Jakeman.  "We also learned Secretariat likely had five lumbar skeleton versus the normal six. The largest hearts we have measured to date carry this skeletal anomaly along with 2 less ribs. We also proved the double copy theory meaning a broodmare can carry two large heart anomalies on her X chromosomes, passing one or the other to her sons or daughters. How, you ask? We measured two colts out of one mare, by two different fathers. One colt reflected his mother’s father, and the other colt reflected his mother’s, mother’s father. It was amazing because they also exhibited the correct skeletons we predicted, one had five lumbar and one had six lumbar. How do we know? We used an X-ray scan to count their vertebrae and ribs. By the time you turn the last page of this book, hopefully I have done my job as a breeder and pedigree enthusiast explaining what the X-Factor Pedigree Theory is, and how you can use it in your commercial or private breeding operation. I will show you how to quickly and physically identify today's modern performance horses on the track or the sales ring. Once you see what we have been talking about for the past 20 years, you can't unsee it. X-Factor has been hiding in plain sight."



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