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Keeneland Magazine: Winter 2014 Print

The Blood-Horse

Print edition. The official Keeneland Magazine celebrates the past, present, and future of Keeneland, Thoroughbred racing and breeding, and the Bluegrass lifestyle.

Features in Keeneland Winter 2014 include:

Embracing the Bluegrass: Canadians Jim and Susan Hill have added a Central Kentucky horse farm and B&B to their burgeoning equine portfolio

Compassionate Care: In Hagyard's neonatal unit, veterinarians and technicians work round the clock to save newborn foals

Hand Crafted: Lexington's Ouisha McKinney creates custom, usable equine art that bears her distinctive style

If These Walls... Bodley-Bullock House, home to many prominent Lexingtonians since the city's early days, turns 200

Pasta Guys: Two friends come full circle, founding a food business and using skills they learned during college days

Spotlight on: Mersant International, premier shipper of the world's finest Thoroughbreds, as well as exotic animals, network news crews, and other unusual cargo

Making a Difference: Baby Health Service, celebrating 100 years, keeps pace with the times. 

Keeneland Winners: Tom's Tribute, a Keeneland sales graduate and winner of the Eddie Read Stakes


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