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The Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle Fit Book

Trafalgar Square

Ensure Soundness and Comfort with Back Analysis and Correct Use of Saddles and Pads

By Joyce Harman, DVM, MRCVS.  When your horse suddenly develops a performance problem or a bad attitude and neither seem to be remedied by new training techniques or medical care, you often face months—even years—of frustration and career limitation. Dr. Joyce Harman, veterinarian and respected saddle-fitting expert, states that 75 percent of horses with such issues are simply reacting to pain caused by ill-fitting saddles. And, as she explains in this thorough and highly illustrated book, poor saddle fit can be corrected with patience and know-how.

Softcover, 232 pages. ISBN 978-1-57076-292-5


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